Carbon Fiber Stitched Fiberglass Veil Mat

Product Details

Fiberglass mat  is a carbon veil (tissue) stitched to chopped strands. Carbon veil is 20G/M2. Chopped Strand is 300G/M2.Stitch type: Tricot stitch on veil side, pillar stitch on CS, also called veilmat. The chopped length is 100mm, Gaugeis F5(space between needles 7mm).

Roll Length: Nominal linear 200meters +/-1m, the min width is from 150-3000mm.

It is for pultrusion, especially for conductive products,the six-party tube,cable,cable trough.
It is widely used in chemical enterprise,coal-burning enterprises for dust extraction,demist,desulfuration.
Collection coefficient 99.7%,while the traditional water dust removal method collection coefficient is 80%.


Anti-static 100000ohm.Carbon fiber is the best of the conductivity conductive medium.
Good adsorption function and high collection coefficient.
Large surface tension and strong rigidity.
Fiberglass no certain direction,good homogeneity.
No powder or emulsion,sink quickly and easy to operate.
High tensile strength,esay to operate.
Good impact strength of finished products.
Packing & Storage:

Each roll covering by polyethylene plastic bag,then placed into carton,and set on pallet.
Each pallet stack 9-18 cartons.
The pallet shall no be higher than 2 layers and the cardboard box shall no be higher than 3 layers.
Product shall be placed under dryness condition and shall no be open the covering membrane until applying.