E Glass Stitch Mat 380gsm

Product Details


1. Even thickness, high wet tensile strength retention 
2. Directional properties and strengths same to woven roving 
3. Enough hollows on surface to make it good permeability 
4. Flexibility to design variety weaving structures 
5. Stable structure required to achieve maximum tensile strength properties.
Stitch mat for pultrusion is used in unsaturated polyester resin strenthen.

Stitch mat should be reserved indoor with drying, cool condition. It suggests that better to keep the package closed in order to prevent it from the wet. 

Packing & Storage:

Each roll covering by polyethylene plastic bag,then placed into carton,and set on pallet.
Each pallet vertically stack 9-18 cartons.
The pallet shall no be higher than 2 layers.
Product shall be placed under dryness condition and shall no be open the covering membrane until applying.

Technical Data: