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Australia Customer Visit Us For Polyester Veil And Fiberglass For Pultrusion

Regarding polyester veil, we found around 30-40 manufactures in China, and find their product polyester veil can not be used in FRP field, finally we found a company with facility imported from Germany, we cooperated with each other and develop polyester veil suitable for pultrusion, they agreed to produce it according to our requirements.
Our requirements include resin content, wetting-out rate, temperature resistance, uniformity, elongation strength. and so on, and we did so many testing, now the product's quality is stable.  everymonth we used around 10-15tons for producing veilmat which you saw in our meeting room, and some customers also use this polyester veil directly,  exel Nanjing branch approved this materials as well.

Polyester Veil Supplier: