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Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat Used For Corrugated Sheet

FRP corrugated sheet is made by fiberglass chopped strand mat, impregnated with unsaturated polyester resin, and then cured. It has a lightweight, high strength, impact resistance, and especially those with unique translucent, are remarkable for construction lighting and green house lighting.

1.       Raw Material

Most commonly selected raw material is fiberglass roving, fiberglass fabric and fiberglass chopped strand mat.

Fiberglass csm: EMC300, EMC450 and EMC600. Usually powder bound chopped strand mat is used.

2.       Resin

Usually unsaturated polyester resin (UP) resin is selected for FRP corrugated sheet. UP resin has  high mechanical strength, good weather resistance and impact resistance, but also has a low shrinkage and a suitable viscosity to enable good glass fiber impregnation.

3.       Film

Film needs to have smooth surface and no wrinkles, high tensile strength and a certain degree of heat resistance, which ensure that the film is not deformed during process.


Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat: