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Glass Fiber Cloth What Good Purpose

The main production of glass fiber cloth fabric material is composed of glass fiber, has many characteristics, with insulation and thermal insulation as well as some non-combustion, and some high temperature characteristics, the main role is to do an insulating material, chemicals, filter cloth there Some high vapor insulation, as well as fire resistant glass cloth material products as well as high elastic belt and so on.

There are some aspects of wall-building materials and so on, there is a cellophane reminder, in the manufacture of glass fiber cloth when it is very easy to be broken, it is generally used for a diameter of three eight and fifteen microns, glass fibers can be made into filaments or short fibers, filaments are generally the original fuse spinning temperature.

Glass fiber cloth spread out very flat and pipes in the current market the best outer insulation general corrosion insulation, there are some specifications that require it orders, etc., insulation buried in the ground after the etching process, they also It will not rot. Overhead in Fenghua is not, in fact, afraid of water and is not afraid of the sun, because the demand for construction unit now is not the same.