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Low Resin Consumption Chopped Strand Mat

Resin to mat ratio is the important factor to affect cost of FRP products. One of customer complaint that our chopped strand mat consumes more resin than OCV mat they used before. In order to provide satisfactory product, we control mat average weight in more strict way, and use better binder. After testing our new sample, the customer gives us the following feedback:

1. Mass per unit area – 460 gms. against earlier supply weight 480 gms.

2. Thickness – 0.6 mm against earlier supply thickness 0.8 mm.

3. Resin to mat ratio  – amount of Resin needed per square metre of mat is 1.2 kg. against earlier supply 1.5 kg.

4. Wettability with mat – wettability is also improved as compared to earlier supply.