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Sheet Molding Compound For Fire Retardant

Greetings from Changzhou UTEK Composite Co.,Ltd.

This week the spotlight is on Sheet Molding Compound for Fire Retardant.We exported SMC to many countries for many applications such as tank,vehicle,electricity and railway.

SMC (sheet molding compound) composite material is one-time molding by high temperature.It has the properties of  high mechanical strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, long service life, high dielectric strength, arc resistance, flame retardant, good sealing performance.And the product can be designed flexible, easy to mass production.It has the advantages of safety and beautiful, all-weather protective function, can adapt the bad environment of outdoor project.It overcomes the disadvantage of the outdoor metal equipment casing easy to rust, short life and poor heat insulation.Widely used in telecommunications, electricity and railway, etc.