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To Provide You With Comprehensive Services In Pultrusion Industry

 If you are new in this industry, don’t worry, we will solve all the problems you met for you with our professional skills, you will get suitable and all of qualified raw materials as well as valuable service!


   our new customer from Thailand, they just built their pultrusion facility, but they want to learn more on pultrusion technology for rebar, so they visited our company from Mar 16-17.


1: First they visited our manufacture to check all of the raw materials, we recommend Jushi E6 direct roving to them.

2: Second we took them to visit our partner who produce rebar for many years, the engineer from Nanjing Fiberglass Research & Design Institute. and we held a meeting to discuss many issues on the technology and the raw materials.

3: Finally our customer was satisfied with our service and placed an order to us at the same time.


 Please choose our company as your suppliers, we can provide:

1: qualified raw materials with competitive price.

2: Technical support on the product design and the process optimization.

We are always your trustable supplier and valuable partner. Although we can not say we are the composite materials expert, but we can supply our full support for our customers. Welcome to visit us!