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Veilmat In Pultrusion RTM Infusion Industries

   After years of researchment and development, continuous testing and improvement, VEILMAT has been successfully promoted and used in pultrusion industry , and now customers around the world are purchasing this product, including well-known multinational companies EXEL COMPOSITES, customers from malaysia,Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Iran, Ukraine ,etc.

   The main structure of VEILMAT is one-time sewn together the fiberglass chopped strand and polyester non-woven, solved the problem that the polyester non-woven fabric will get wrinkling ,fracture when get into the mold .The advantages of the this product is it can be directly put into the mold, and Polyester non-woven fabric is soaked fast, anti-aging and so on.

   Our company is specilized in researching and developing in fiberglass products,especially in pultrusion RTM,Infusion industries. You are welcomed to consulting and purchasing,for more information pls visit our website: www.utekcomposites.com.