Pigment Paste

Product Details

1. Product Description:


Our normal pigment paste is made of solventless unsaturated resin, domestic pigment with high quality, adopt computer control color spread advanced technology. Compared with the same kind of pigment paste, it has the characteristics of good dispersion, good stability, especially suitable for the general requirements of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, artificial stone, SMC moulded, pultrusion FRP in areas such as coloring, and the bottom cover.


2. Technical Data:


Appearance: smooth paste


Fineness  ≤50μm


Pigment Content 10~60%





1.Proposed Dosage5—15% of resin.


2.Construction ConditionsConstruction temperature is not lower than 15 , humidity is less than 80%.


         3.Construction MethodPigment paste and resin according to the fully blending ratio. Slowly stir well before use next time.


4. Package and Storage


1 kg, 5 kg, 25 kg 30 kg, plastic drum,; A cool and dry place for storage, storage period is one year




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