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SMC combined water tank performance characteristics and applications
SMC combined water tank is a new-type water tank with world-wide general application. This SMC water tank is developed by the FRP Research and Design Institute of the State Bureau of Building Materials and designed Beijing Architecture Design Institute. Its unique performance solved the problems with the concrete water tank, which is heavy, easy leakage, with moss easily growing and the problems with the steel water tank, which is easy to rust and pollutional to the water when the rust layer exfoliates. It has many advantages such as good water quality, no water leakage, light weight, beautiful design, long service life and easy installation etc.

The tank with manhole, ladders,flanges and other accessories.


The SMC water tank is widely applied in public constructions such as mining industries, civil constructions, hotels and restaurants etc., and as essential water reservoirs for daily use, fire control and food industries, pharmaceuticals and sanitation industries,which need high water quality.

Technical Data:

Tensile Strength Mpa>70Mpa
Bending Strength>100Mpa
Barcol Hardness>60
Water Absirption<1.0%
Fiberglass Content>25%
Flexural Modulus Of Elasticity>5900Mpa



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